Donna DuFresne

With a holistic approach to design Donna DuFresne's  incorporates the comforts of luxury,  a sense of practicality, and the power of story to create spaces that reflect her sense of contemporary design. Her spaces reflect creativity in originality, and a uniqueness to represent the taste of her clients. With a portfolio starting in Beverly Hills, Donna now lives and designs out of Portland, OR. 

Donna's spaces have ranged from small residential, to high rise suites. From luxury yachts to Airbnb her talent at skillful project management ,and careful mitigation of projects allow for seamless transition for her clients spaces. 

For in depth representation of who she is, please check out the projects page to see how she puts part of herself in each project. 


"An interior is an expression of one's personality, and like us, always evolving. Our environments tell a story of who we are; the more multi-dimensional, the more rich and meaningful our spaces become."